Friday, September 27, 2019


It was too hard to handle
that my heart cannot bear
from reality
i wish it was easy

good night world

Silence scream

Your heart scream out loud
Hoping for people to understand you.
You put words
But none of them

U kept it back
Notice that no matter how you tell
It useless
Telling wasn't easy
Not telling is harder


Don't ask to be understood
You should understand more

For their feeling is important
Yours are second

For their problems are bigger
Yours are smaller

Full stop
Listen. Learn. Never ask for more.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Aku ingin.....

Ya Allah,

Aku ingin menjadi makmum kepada seorang imam,
Aku ingin menjadi sayap kiri kepada seorang khalifah,
Aku ingin menjadi pendengar kepada seorang Dai'e,
Aku ingin menjadi seorang mujahidah kepada seorang mujahid,
Aku ingin memberi cintaku kepada insan yang mencintai Allah lebih dari segalanya dan ku mencari cinta sejati yang bisa membawaku ke jalan Ilahi...

Ameen Ya Rabb..
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