Friday, August 29, 2014

Beruntungnye ada family!


What a dayyyy

Hri ni sejarah dalam hidup
Macam mane hebat dan baik kite merancang
Allah sebaik baik perancang
Beli tiket bus awl pun
Boleh kena tinggal bus

Que balik utk beli tiket baru
"Tiket ke selatan SOLD OUT"

Mula la kepala duk pk cane nk balikkk ni

Last2 naik ktm benti Seremban
N big bro with daddy dtg amek all the way from our hometown...

Cam nak nanges sebab ada org sanggup amek kite ni huhu

Sejam lebih tunggu dorg sampai is worth it sangat2.

Semoga Allah balas kebaikan mereka yg sanggup drive sejam lebih amek saya ni ha n kena drive sejam lebih ke kampung

Moral of the story is
Sile keje half day on the day u are going back to your hometown

Next time will do! =p

Saturday, August 23, 2014



Its Weekend
Its the days where the kids are abandon with no food supply
We again
Collect our own money to make our own food

Morning breakfast
Lempeng and sardin

If this is our rezki
Then Alhamdulillah
But if this is the resuult of ignorant people who close their eyes shut their ears and let the kids do everything by themselve

At the end they will say
"Oh i thought ..... that s y i dun bring their food"
"Someone told me tht the kids .... tht s y i didn't bring them food"

Alasan berjela

Perut kami
Perut mereka
Sape nk jawab

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jangan pandang enteng!


As a human being
We treat some matter base on our interest
We do things we like
And we left the things we don't like


When it comes to responsibilities
We don't have choices to pick
We just DO iT cause we HAVE to

Same goes to
When it is your responsibilities to take care of some people which you choose to take it at the first place
Please do not take it lightly

There are some people who born in rich families and get everything they wanted to
But here got some people
Who destined to grow up separately from their home
Willingly and unwillingly
And you promise to yourself to take care of them
And yet you are not keeping your promises

They are here
With the broken heart
And fake smiles
Empty stomache
And dull faces
for the promises your made in the morning

And till now
At very 9.08pm
Not just you
Even your shadow are unseen

This kind of things happened regularly and I can't just sit here saw it happened and do nothing.

I am not that kind of person

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