Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Miss them ♥

Hello people!
It's been a while since my last entry and I'm missing blogging very much.

Right now I'm feeling not very well for these past 2 days- got fever-headache (banyak main hujan)- gastric (Skip makan) and Body ache (working too much on the computer I guess)

Just for a quick sharing with you people
We just got back to work from a not very long holiday.
I hope its not too late to wish all muslim Happy New Year! or Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharram (Bukan Awal Ashaari yek!)

Hope this new year bring us more joy, bless from Him and may we will be a better muslim. Amin....

What I did on my holiday?

After back from work I was straightly went back to my Sunway house and spent time with beloved family. My mom cooked and sure i ate a lot (tak sedar pinggan penuh dengan nasi =.=')

Saturday we were all gotong-royong clean up the house (seriously not the whole house), we just focused more on the terrace and kitchen and a little bit of hall.

When the hero and heroin came on saturday evening everything is like back to normal (la sangat)

never wanted to take her finger out from her mouth

never trust the innocent face, u will regret! =p
my favourite hero and heroin, the son and daughter of my older sister

Gotcha! you think it's mine is it? Ha ha ha ha

Ok Ok Sorry for the LOL

The things I wanna tell you here is that I am really MISS them a LOT. Even they are naughty but still love for them is unlimited. 

On Sunday we cooked Nasi Tomato (actually it was my mom's- me just helping in fried the chicken =P)
and Twilight time with besties- freezed in the cinema, first time watched in Subang Parade- its really quite cold there, you might want to bring jacket next time.

To Twi-fans out there, I wish may all of us will be patient for Part II

I heart Edward 

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p/s: no matter what team you're in, you're still our beloved Twi-hard fans

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Skin Food 12 Day Challenge. Day 12: Beauty with Brain ♥

Hello everyone!
Its day 12 already.

I hope every one of you know what Skin Food is and know what product they brought to us here.

Lets flash back what happen during these 12 days challenge.

Its all started when I was chosen among 20 luckiest blogger on 4th November 2011.

I felt very happy and excited!
On the re-launch of the Skin Food store in One Utama, me and my besties manage to "find" the store as we are not very familiar with the mall. Attend the re-launch in the afternoon and claim my challenge pack, I can see how beautiful the store is.

Back from my visit to the store, I can't wait to try these on

The new Egg White Pore Line which are Clean Pad and Serum are the most demanded product in Korea and now they launch in Malaysia few days back.

With a simple tutorial on applying Egg White Clean Pad and Egg White T-zone serum and U-zone serum, I hope I made it clear to you about these products.

I manage to record the video myself right after I get back from work, which is very tiring but I still enjoy the moment. I laugh myself back watching these tutorial video. Hahahaha

All the photos were taken every morning after I woke up and before I went to work as its the only time I had. *sounds very busy right?

I've also shared with you briefly about Skin Food, its products range that made special for your skin and some beauty tips.

Perfect Gift Set
As you know these beauty package also perfect for birthday gift!
You might want to show your love to your mom, sisters, besties on her birthday OR you can give them as Christmas gift! Brilliant hah!
* You want to give me also can =p

Do remember that these Egg White Pore Line made special to remove blackheads and whiteheads and tighten your pores to give you smoother and firm skin.
Plus, it's perfect for oily skin and combination skin!
*mine is combination skin =p

Egg White Serum T-zone: to reduce excess oil and balance your skin complexion around T-zone
Egg White Serum U-zone: To moisturize, firm, refine pore and balance your U-zone 
Both serum will make your skin smooth as they tighten your pores.

Egg White Clean Pad that has 2 Step:
Step 1: is to remove whiteheads and blackheads
Step 2: is to refine your pores

Combination usage of Egg White Serum and Egg White Clean Pad will give you smoother and healthier looking skin, free from blackheads and whiteheads.

Being Skin Food lover, not only you will get to reveal your beauty BUT they are being very generous as there will be more surprises when purchasing their products. 

Being an original me through all these 12 days, I hope I've provide you enough information on beauty knowledge and beauty tips.

I'm welcoming beauty tips and beauty stories from you and please do share in my comment box below as I would love to communicate with you.

It’s all about the beauty in us that we have to reveal it to the max.
God has made us all beauty in our own way, do not waste it. Use it and take care of it.
All that matter is healthier looking skin.
Think wisely
choose the best
go for Skin Food

I really hope you all enjoyed reading from Day 1 till Day 12 while the blackheads lessen and the pores tighten every single day.
Last but not least, millions thanks to Skin Food for letting me review your product and shared some beauty tips. These 12 days back are unforgettable.

Share with me your beauty stories!
Skin Food for all sweet hearts.

This is me and my Skin Food Story 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Skin Food 12 Day Challenge. Day 11: Counting every seconds

Hello Every ONE!

How's your day today?
I bet all of you are in a very "Good Mood" as our "Harimau Malaya" winning the football Sea Game by ensuing penalty shoot-out 4-3 against The Garuda after the match ended 1-1 last night.
Everyone was yellow black today is it?

Ok, back to our beloved skin care brand, Skin Food.

Today is NOSE day!!! YEA!!!!!!!

These are the result using Egg White Serum and Egg White Clean Pad. It simply make your face smoother, free from blackheads and whiteheads, thus refine your pores.


The first day before using Egg White Pore Line

Can see the blackheads

Do you notice the blackheads lessen already?

Hope you enjoying watching these photos
All photos taken with handphone camera only (cause I don't own any DSLR*sad) and were taken at different days, time and locations. That's explain the different ligting on those pictures.

by the way
You can always ask or share your beauty secrets, tips and information in comment box below post or here. Remember, sharing is caring. Let us reveal out the beauty to the max!

Skin Food for everyone sweetheart
Stay with me for more beauty stories!

p/s: Welcoming you sharing your beauty tips in the comment box below post

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Skin Food 12 Day Challenge. Day 10: Egg Lover

Hello Every one!

It's Day 10 already and I'm still using the Egg White Serum and Egg White Clean Pad. 

*Oh do you think I'm gonna stop using Egg White now? Never!
Why would  I stop using something good as Egg White 

I'm an egg lover. Means I love to eat egg a lot. Make it "dadar" or "telur mata", I love eating them together with my home cook Fried Maggi or Fried Rice. 
*Yes I do cook. Unbelievable huh? =p

To think of all this while, consuming the protein from the egg, especially from the white part, I'm glad that I'm using it for my beloved skin to. 

*Yes my beloved skin. As I heart my skin so much. You should too!

Below I am sharing with you the photos from my forehead. Not too much as I always forgot this part when photo session alone. Even the "before" part also has no picture as I'm busy snapping pictures of my nose T_T

3 different pictures were taken in 3 different days with 3 different locations

Can you see the smooth looking skin. Yes I do!

So there is NO reason for me to stop using these!

Tomorrow I will reveal more photos from the nose.
So stay with me for more beauty stories!

Skin Food for all sweetheart!

p/s: "Don't judge the book by its cover, but still the cover that attract people right?"

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Skin Food 12 Day Challenge. Day 9: Send it On!

H-E-L-L-O Pretty Ladies and Handsome Gentlemen over there. 
Yes you. The one who reading my blog. Thank you for all your support through FB sharing and FB like button below every post. 
Even though you are busy with work and study (sometimes tak sempat komen T_T) but I can still feel all the support via FB. Thank you very much again. 

It's Day 9 already and the Egg White Serum and Egg White Clean Pad had proved its "ability" in removing whiteheads and blackheads, thus tighten our pores, giving us the smooth looking skin. 

As you can see, the first picture is when the blackheads still there.

 The Blackheads gone? Like someone said "Boleh percaya ke?"

Feel free to try yourself and you'll know it for sure =)

This one made it clear right?
I heart this picture a lot!

Si mata besar sedang gumbira ^^
Instead of buying for yourself, this set of Egg White Pore Line also perfect for birthday gift!
As its come with very simple but nice packaging, sure your mother or your besties love it so much!

If I received a set of beauty like this for my birthday gift, I will ask no more!

Egg White Pore Line

To every one of you that celebrating your birthday today, I wish you more happiness in the future 
* hug & kisses

Next time, I think I want to try this one, hik hik hik =p

Stay with me for more beauty stories!
p/s: Skin Food for All sweetie =)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Skin Food 12 Day Challenge. Day 8: It's Free ♥

안녕하세요 모두!

How's your day today?
Mine was great but I kept myself busy doing house cleaning. Glad it's finish and now I can share my Skin Food story with you today.

Can you see the the nose free from blackheads? 
Yes I do!


Early days with blackheads

The smile of happiness =p

tak percaya? 
No worries! As I will share with you more pictures later  =)

By the way, 
I'm glad to know one of my friend already went to KLCC and bought the Egg White Pore Line, as soon as she heard about this product are already in store! 

YES. It's already in Store!

Enjoy your Egg White Pore Line Nadea dearie 
So what about you? It's weekend peeps! go out and grab your Egg White Pore Line at your nearest Skin Food !

The Egg White Pore Line that are already in your nearest Skin Food

 You know how's the Egg White function right? Its' firm up your skin, tighten up your pore and remove your blackheads. Having a smooth skin free from whiteheads and blackheads will make your face look more brighter and reveal your natural beauty, even without make up!

Aloe Sun BB Cream & Ginseng Mask
 Plus, if you are a "make up" person, with this smoother skin blackheads free, you don't have to put too much make up on your face as you no need to "cover" the impurities anymore.

Honey Glossy Rouge Lipstick, Lemon Pack & Salmon Brightening Eye Serum
 and with make up, your face will look more natural and not "fake"!

No more worries in "make up will block your pores and blackheads will be there and your pore will be bigger bla bla bla.." as daily use of this Egg White Pore Line will tighten your pore and make up will no longer an issue!

Rose Pink Blusher, Rose Peach Blusher, & Buckwheat Loose Powder

F.Y.I., using The Egg White Serum every day and Egg White Clean Pad twice a week, together with other product range from Skin Food, such as its make up range (*that i ♥ so much!), will boost your confidence.

I'm not that pretty like any other girls, but with Skin Food, I feel more confidence. That is beauty mean to me. 
Confidence when your skin are smooth and free from impurities 

This is not the end. Please be patient as I will reveal more photos soon. Hope for a more miracle from Egg White Pore Line =)

So I hope you enjoy your Egg White Pore Line Nadia!

Stay with me for more beauty stories.

Skin Food for all sweetheart 

p/s: Can't wait to go to the nearest Skin Food as I need to re-stock my Buckwheat Loose Powder and my Honey Glossy Rouge!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Skin Food 12 Day Challenge. Day 7: Impressive!

HeLLO ~every ONE!
After a few days used the Egg White Serum and Egg White Clean Pad, here are the photo's taken. Not very much as I'm busy with office work. But still have something to share with you !

Left side of my nose
Right side of my nose

There are still blackheads left. But the outcome is very impressive as the blackheads lessen by every single day!
Plus, I don't see my pores anymore =p

It's not the final yet as its 12 Days Challenge and its still Day 7. While waiting for the final result to come, let me share with you another story about Skin Food

As its a "Food for Skin" there is a lot of product range in store other than Egg White Pore Line.

Skin Food have a huge product range that suits every one needs.
Before you buy any skin care products, YOU NEED TO KNOW:

1. Your skin type
    You need to know your skin type whether its dry skin, inelastic skin with fine lines, or oily skin.
    You also need to know if you have an enlarge pore and T-zone and U-zone imbalance.
    It is important as different products made specially for different skin type. Different products made for 
    blemish skin and differents product for dull skin. While acne and sensitive skin have their own product
    range specifically for them =).
    When you know exactly your skin type, you'll know what product range suits you.
    This is important to avoid you making wrong decision applying something that might ruin your beauty!

2. Know your skin problem
    If you have dry skin NEVER use products made special for oily skin
    Skin with acne problem will be treated with special product to get rid off acne.
    While oily skin need Egg White Serum and skin with enlarge pore and has blackheads need
Easy right?

As The Egg White Serum that I've told you yesterday, it is best use for oily skin with enlarged pore size and imbalance of T-zone and U-zone.
While The Egg White Clean Pad best use to get rid of you whiteheads and blackheads!  

Egg White Clean Pad

Egg White Serum

Stay with me for more beauty stories! 
Skin Food for all sweetheart!

p/s: countdown for the final. tik tok tik tok

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Skin Food 12 Day Challenge. Day 6: Egg White and Asean

Ini bukan Entri Jual Barang: Sila teruskan pembacaan.

Egg White Pore Line use egg white as its main ingredients. Other than Egg White Clean Pad and Egg White Serum, there is another product from Egg White that already has in store.

Egg White Foam

product img
Egg white pack

Egg White Pore Mask

You might want to try these while waiting for the Egg White Clean Pad and Egg White Serum to arrive in Malaysia =)
Egg White Pore Line is one of the products that met highly demand in Korea.

Why Egg White?
Egg White or albumin consist mainly of water, minerals, vitamins, fat and glucose. They contains very small amount of fat and cholesterol, but are rich in selenium, proteins and vitamins such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. 
The protein present in egg white is important for the metabolism of enzymes in the body. While minerals such as zinc, iron, copper, phosphorus, calcium and potassium are important in the development of teeth, bones and fingernails.

The Egg White in home remedy
Egg White Mask usually can be made at home to get a fairer,brighter skin. BUT, nowadays we are very busy with our own career and have no time to prepare this remedy.
Skin food already has provide us the Egg White Pore Line to us modern woman, as it is simple to apply and effective in result.

Egg White & The Skin
Egg White known to be effective in ward off wrinkles and tighten sagging skin. Using Egg White as face mask can also reduce pore size.

The forehead

To know more about Egg White new product please refer here
Wants a clear forehead without big pore size?

Stay with me for more beauty stories =)

p/s: Skin Food for all =)

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