Saturday, November 19, 2011

Skin Food 12 Day Challenge. Day 8: It's Free ♥

안녕하세요 모두!

How's your day today?
Mine was great but I kept myself busy doing house cleaning. Glad it's finish and now I can share my Skin Food story with you today.

Can you see the the nose free from blackheads? 
Yes I do!


Early days with blackheads

The smile of happiness =p

tak percaya? 
No worries! As I will share with you more pictures later  =)

By the way, 
I'm glad to know one of my friend already went to KLCC and bought the Egg White Pore Line, as soon as she heard about this product are already in store! 

YES. It's already in Store!

Enjoy your Egg White Pore Line Nadea dearie 
So what about you? It's weekend peeps! go out and grab your Egg White Pore Line at your nearest Skin Food !

The Egg White Pore Line that are already in your nearest Skin Food

 You know how's the Egg White function right? Its' firm up your skin, tighten up your pore and remove your blackheads. Having a smooth skin free from whiteheads and blackheads will make your face look more brighter and reveal your natural beauty, even without make up!

Aloe Sun BB Cream & Ginseng Mask
 Plus, if you are a "make up" person, with this smoother skin blackheads free, you don't have to put too much make up on your face as you no need to "cover" the impurities anymore.

Honey Glossy Rouge Lipstick, Lemon Pack & Salmon Brightening Eye Serum
 and with make up, your face will look more natural and not "fake"!

No more worries in "make up will block your pores and blackheads will be there and your pore will be bigger bla bla bla.." as daily use of this Egg White Pore Line will tighten your pore and make up will no longer an issue!

Rose Pink Blusher, Rose Peach Blusher, & Buckwheat Loose Powder

F.Y.I., using The Egg White Serum every day and Egg White Clean Pad twice a week, together with other product range from Skin Food, such as its make up range (*that i ♥ so much!), will boost your confidence.

I'm not that pretty like any other girls, but with Skin Food, I feel more confidence. That is beauty mean to me. 
Confidence when your skin are smooth and free from impurities 

This is not the end. Please be patient as I will reveal more photos soon. Hope for a more miracle from Egg White Pore Line =)

So I hope you enjoy your Egg White Pore Line Nadia!

Stay with me for more beauty stories.

Skin Food for all sweetheart 

p/s: Can't wait to go to the nearest Skin Food as I need to re-stock my Buckwheat Loose Powder and my Honey Glossy Rouge!


  1. nolly, first of all ni bukan jual barang tau huhuhuhu

    Alhamdulillah takat ni pakai mmg ok. nak lebih info leh tgk entri yg before2 tu.

    atau nk lebih percaya ke tak leh try baru leh tgk efek dia ^^

  2. Hahaha...i saw my name up there! wuhuu..yepp i da beli n now using the skinfood product..later nadea share my experience k kak still waiting for the progress..^_^

  3. Ok Nadea. Hope you enjoy your Egg White Pore Line. !


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