Monday, November 21, 2011

Skin Food 12 Day Challenge. Day 10: Egg Lover

Hello Every one!

It's Day 10 already and I'm still using the Egg White Serum and Egg White Clean Pad. 

*Oh do you think I'm gonna stop using Egg White now? Never!
Why would  I stop using something good as Egg White 

I'm an egg lover. Means I love to eat egg a lot. Make it "dadar" or "telur mata", I love eating them together with my home cook Fried Maggi or Fried Rice. 
*Yes I do cook. Unbelievable huh? =p

To think of all this while, consuming the protein from the egg, especially from the white part, I'm glad that I'm using it for my beloved skin to. 

*Yes my beloved skin. As I heart my skin so much. You should too!

Below I am sharing with you the photos from my forehead. Not too much as I always forgot this part when photo session alone. Even the "before" part also has no picture as I'm busy snapping pictures of my nose T_T

3 different pictures were taken in 3 different days with 3 different locations

Can you see the smooth looking skin. Yes I do!

So there is NO reason for me to stop using these!

Tomorrow I will reveal more photos from the nose.
So stay with me for more beauty stories!

Skin Food for all sweetheart!

p/s: "Don't judge the book by its cover, but still the cover that attract people right?"


  1. hahahha...lepas nie kalu telur kat m'sia nie kehabisan kita serang rumah k.farah...hehhehe....mmg berkesan kan...u r rite..why u want stop using it if it can give u good result...???rite?? so i wil follow u....huhuhu

  2. tq NANA! meh ramai2 pakai egg white. hehehehe


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