Friday, November 18, 2011

Skin Food 12 Day Challenge. Day 7: Impressive!

HeLLO ~every ONE!
After a few days used the Egg White Serum and Egg White Clean Pad, here are the photo's taken. Not very much as I'm busy with office work. But still have something to share with you !

Left side of my nose
Right side of my nose

There are still blackheads left. But the outcome is very impressive as the blackheads lessen by every single day!
Plus, I don't see my pores anymore =p

It's not the final yet as its 12 Days Challenge and its still Day 7. While waiting for the final result to come, let me share with you another story about Skin Food

As its a "Food for Skin" there is a lot of product range in store other than Egg White Pore Line.

Skin Food have a huge product range that suits every one needs.
Before you buy any skin care products, YOU NEED TO KNOW:

1. Your skin type
    You need to know your skin type whether its dry skin, inelastic skin with fine lines, or oily skin.
    You also need to know if you have an enlarge pore and T-zone and U-zone imbalance.
    It is important as different products made specially for different skin type. Different products made for 
    blemish skin and differents product for dull skin. While acne and sensitive skin have their own product
    range specifically for them =).
    When you know exactly your skin type, you'll know what product range suits you.
    This is important to avoid you making wrong decision applying something that might ruin your beauty!

2. Know your skin problem
    If you have dry skin NEVER use products made special for oily skin
    Skin with acne problem will be treated with special product to get rid off acne.
    While oily skin need Egg White Serum and skin with enlarge pore and has blackheads need
Easy right?

As The Egg White Serum that I've told you yesterday, it is best use for oily skin with enlarged pore size and imbalance of T-zone and U-zone.
While The Egg White Clean Pad best use to get rid of you whiteheads and blackheads!  

Egg White Clean Pad

Egg White Serum

Stay with me for more beauty stories! 
Skin Food for all sweetheart!

p/s: countdown for the final. tik tok tik tok


  1. kak farah..berkesan ek produk ni??nadea nk beli jgkla..yg whitehead n black head..reduce pore size..

  2. Alhamdulillah setakat ni pakai mmg nampak efek. malu gk bile org kt opis tegur huhuhuhu. *blushing

    ti dia dh launch product ni Nadea usha la kt SKin Food yg terdekat *ceh wah =p

  3. Da beli da td g klcc..yeay! hehe

  4. Wah Nadea, pantas ok! Enjoy your Egg White Pore Line dear! ^^v

  5. huhu..mcm berkesan jew k.farah.. nak try jugak la...i need someting untuk hilang kan parut...huhuhuuh

  6. Nana pegi la Skin Food nnti tny staff dia produk utk hilangkan parut =)


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