Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Skin Food 12 Day Challenge. Day 4: The beauty within Food

Hello everyone! I'm Farah Liyana a.k.a Farah Farly =p

So, do you enjoy reading my previous entry? Do refresh your memory here, here and here =)

After 4 days using the Egg White products, I feel very confidence at work as I know the blackhead and whitehead is no more! *Will show you the photos later*. I owe you the review of Egg White serum, but lets skip that one first ok?

Some people ask me "What is Skin Food?", "Apa tu", "benda apa tu?"


ehem ehem 

Skin Food Logo

Let me tell you briefly about Skin Food

Skin Food is the first food cosmetic brand developed with a differentiated unique concept of food. The products delivers complete nutrition directly to the skin. Food that selected as its ingredients includes avocado which listed in the Guinness World Records, rice, fresh milk, sturdy tomato and the list goes on.....
product img
Tomato wrinkle sun cream SPF 36 PA++
The products are scented and bottled according to their design and formulation concepts.
Skin Food never stops in finding good food for your skin. Hence, its motto "To protect your skin for 14 years, not 14 days", because Skin Food believe the beauty within foods. 

product img
Parsley and Mandarin Emulsion (For trouble skin)

Skin Food also believe that "Good food for health is good for skin too", that is why they believe that our skin care needs such as moisturizing, firming, and luminosity can be met with good food.They travel around the world only to find the origin of the best and healthiest food ingredients.

product img
Apple can Multi blusher
You don't have to worry as they has experts in studying the topical effects of food. By experimenting each products with their own skin before introduce the products to customer, we always received the best from Skin Food

Egg White Pore Line

Egg White Serum

Skin Food never stops finding good food for your skin. So, don't stop your skin for getting what is need.

Hope this short story would help =)

For further information please click here: SKIN FOOD

Stay with me for more beauty stories!

p/s: Egg White Serum is on its way!

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