Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skin Food 12 Day Challenge. Day 5: The Serum

Hello everyone! Hope you enjoy your day as I am enjoying my day with tons of paper work to do (enjoy??..)

So today I m happy to share with you the second Egg White Pore Line product range

The Egg White Serum

Egg White Serum

You can see that it have 2 serum right?
One is for T-zone and one is for U-zone

please ignore the big eyes *_*


Watch this short video made special for Egg White Serum.
Hope it is better than the first one =p

still amateur in recording myself *nervous*

By the way, here goes my blackheads....  related to this story if you remember =)
the blackheads ''bermaharajalela''
Picture is taken before I use Egg White Pore Clean Pad and Egg White Serum, for the first time. Can see the blackheads. Even in live it's moreeee than this *sigh

Can't wait for the day 12!

"Skin Food for All"

Stay with me for more beauty stories!

p/s: Everyone eat food, so why not everyone use Skin Food =)

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