Sunday, November 13, 2011

Skin Food 12 Day Challenge. Day 1: Our skin need food

I remembered 5 years back when I was in last semester in UM. Me & my room mate was searching for a new skin products to meet our skin need. As a teenagers that time, we have these beauty issue. Me with dry skin problem, she with her oily skin problem. We've tried few products until she introduced me to a Korean Product.

That time, "Winter Sonata", "Autumn in My Heart", "Stairway to Heaven" is like the hottest things we've always talk about. Knowing Korean from drama series and movie has gave me a good impression towards its people. The country is full with beautiful people, that I have always wondering what they did to have that flawless skin! 

So without hesitated I've tried myself using one of the product and the result is marvelous. I'm immediately falling in love with it.
Today, after 6 years it has been marketed in Malaysia, this brand of Korean product has been successfully distributed with 27 stores, and has attracted more Malaysians to try it out.

By using natural sources as its main ingredients, under the motto of "Good food for health is also good for the skin", Skin Food get the place in everyone hearts and has been my favorite choice for my beauty care products.

Today, Skin Food One Utama, Damansara, has proudly re-launch its store, and I was so excited the moment I heard this news and has invited few good friends to come along and experience its themselves.

the girls was looking for the store ;)
We haven't spent much time in 1U and not really familiar with the place, but for the excitement to visit the store we just went there and try our luck for not getting lost in the mall =P

the girls try on the tester. Bet they love it! 

Visiting the "new look" store with lots of free gift- I repeat LOTS of FREE gifts- make us happy for the whole day. Hahahaha seriously we were talking about the gifts for the whole day! and for sure we cannot wait to try them on!

Other than getting ourselves free stuff, we also purchased something for our skin. My friend has bought the snow tea mask while I've got "Gold Kiwi Sun cream" for my lovely mom. Not forget to get myself a blusher to try on.

the goods we purchased. 
Gold kiwi sun cream SPF36 PA++, blusher and snow tea mask

combine all the stuff we get ♥!

stationary set with samples-get these after the girls purchased above RM80.
The more you spent, the more free stuff you can claim!

happy "gedik" face after shopping
me with the gold kiwi sun cream & my new stock blusher 

Great isn't it?
That's not all!

As one of the 20 bloggers that invited to the re-launch, I get my self an opportunity to try these products!.

an Egg White Pore Lines:
come with the Egg White Serum for my T-zone and U-zone
and Egg White Pore Clean Pad

me reading the description behind
*face so serious *_*

taking the pack and try to remember the direction to use it
thanks to the staff who explained it to me!

face telling "seriously can't wait to go home and try these!"

For these coming 12 days I will be happily to share my experiences using this Egg White Pore Line with you.
F.Y.I., this is the most demanded products in Korea and it will be selling in Skin Food Malaysia after 12 days!

So stay with me for more beauty story!

p/s: beauty is essential =)


  1. waa..cant wait to see the results, if it turn out very convincing then i must try them too! huhu

  2. moral support.. moral support.. hehe.. chayok..~~

  3. thank you incik anon kerana support.
    nadea: u must try them. sgt best ok!

  4. Hi..Farah...akak baru beli product skin food..dan 1st beli...akak beli yng eggs form...ok tak farah...sbb akak terbaca blog farah...nampaknya dah lama farah pakai...

    1. hi kak Haliza. Alhamdulillah ok je Farah pakai. Cuma kulit Farah jenis kering jadi Farah pakai selang seli dgn produk lain supaya kulit x kering


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