Monday, January 16, 2012

We are talking the same language but you couldn't understand?

Salam every one,

Lama tak buat entry serious. Like seriously S E R I O U S

Cter dia macam ni.....

I notice something about me which is good but not very good 
( confuse sudah )

Since when (tah.. cannot remember exactly time and date)

I'm always put someone else first and myself second

and it has been yearssssssss

At first I thought this is good because I can tolerate and make others happy
But this kind of toleration is so not healthy

Trust me

People will talk and I m always listen 
but when it's time for me to talk no one listen (some only listen- and I m thanking Allah for that)
You keep asking me to do this and that
and my opinion is like rubbish?

I'm talking the same language like others but how come you can understand and accept their opinion but not mine?
we are talking about the same thing here

I am not a doll or tembok or whatever

I am human with feelings and brain
I know what I'm doing

You giving advice- I listened
But please- stop being so annoying and treat me like the stupidest human ever

Me myself keep on sakit hati because of nak jaga hati orang lain!

Penat ok

and you've got my last nerve

p/s: made decision for your own future not some one else future. You don't have rights to do that.

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