Saturday, April 26, 2014

Say NO to sunburn!!


few weeks ago, my school held a sports day
you know when we talk about SPORT

it reminds me few things
bad thing
to our skin

SUN Burnnnnnnn

yes dear

when you are exposed to the sunlight at almost for the entire days
and us
we did exposed our skin for almost entire days entire week

but luckily my sun burn are not as bad as before

ehem ehem
this is one of the benefit using DNARS


on our first day event, I went back to check whether my skin are darker or even sun burn
not so much different
and until the last day of the sport's week
the sun burn effect is not so much obvious

thanks to 
DNARS day cream that contain sun block and pearl powder

not to worry about sun burn anymore

peace ^^v

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