Monday, October 17, 2011

TLC Promise Me-Season 2

Assalamualaikum Churpers, Nuffnangers and people around the world

Have you heard about Rumah Aman?

Rumah Aman is a place where 30 orphanages children live together. It need to go under renovation to provide a comfortable place for these unfortunate kids. The total cost of renovation is RM20k.

Nuffnang, Churp Churp and Milkadeal - hand in hand are helping these kids in Rumah Aman with all their hearts and their are working hard to make this happen by collecting the donation by 30th October 2011.

There are few ways you can do to help these kids.

If you are Nuffnangers you can help by donate RM1, Rm5 or RM10 by deduction of your Nuffnang Earning. 

If you are Churpers (I believe Nuffnangers also a Churpers isn't it?) you also can donate by deduction of RM1 of your Churpers earning.


Other than that you can also donate by purchase this cute little Churp Plushie for only RM25!

Isn't it cute! I already have one myself hehehe

For more information and donation please click link below

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