Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chocolicious ♥

Today I went to Skin Food store at One Utama - Again -
It's the prize giving day for the 12 Days Skin Food Challenge
Did you guys still remember that? The one that I've reviews Egg White Pore Line for 12 unforgettable days

I did win for 3rd prize and I felt very grateful and yes Alhamdulillah...

Some of you might say " ala baru no 3 dah kecohhhh"

Ehem H E L L O

This is NO KECOH for me but its one way of me thanking Skin Food for giving me an opportunity to join the contest. As they said, every participant is very good and hard for them to pick the winners. 
And yes they are good *I read them too*

So, for the Prize giving ceremony- here are some of the photos taken-

Welcoming speech

The Grand Prize winner- She wins the iPad 2. Awesome!

The 2nd winner- wins a cash voucher value RM250

ehem ehem- me also wins cash voucher RM250 as the 3rd prize winner
The certificate voucher- Chocolate-Choco Smoky Nail Kit

SKin Food being generous by giving a cash voucher value RM75 to each bloggers who participate in the 12 Days Challenge contest- It's very sweet of you!

If I'm not mistaken, she 's one of the 10 blogger gt the special invitation too- she received the sweet gift from Skin Food-


the winners with the Skin Food crew

group photo- Skin Food crew and the bloggers

The new Gold Kiwi Set

The sisters- speechless don't know which one to pick- got various of lip balm-lip gloss- *rambang mata
end up- taking photos =p

Adore the deco

Product that good to your skin


Choco Smoky Nail Kit- new product that will be launch in 2 weeks time- we gt it first! yeayyyy

Redeem the voucher on the spot-
Gold Kiwi Mask Sheet, Omija Serum and Omija Cream.
BA is very sweet to give me Gold Kiwi Cleanser sample & one set of Omija sample 

the whole thing =p

omg- i heart these ribbon!

p/s: Can't wait for another Skin Food Outlet visit next time- I still have Skin Food wishlist =p


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